Roofing Services

Remodeling your kitchen or bath might be more immediately gratifying, but re-roofing your home can provide long-term financial satisfaction. Roof replacement stands out as one of the most critical steps you can take toward safeguarding the structural integrity of your home.

Energy Efficiency
Your old roof may not be air-tight, resulting in higher heating/cooling expenses. Additionally, installing energy-wise shingles will limit solar heat gain, which in turn reduces the need to run the air-conditioner, saving you money.

Health & Safety
We all know that water can be insidious and can cause extensive damage to your home. Mold is also a nasty thing to contend with and can cause chronic health issues. If you're at all concerned with whether or not your roof is water-tight, we're happy to do an inspection to see if roof repair or replacement is necessary.

Curb Appeal
The roofline of a home is often a prominent feature, and an attractive, well-maintained roof is an indicator of a well cared for home. If you're thinking of selling at some point, potential buyers will find this very attractive.

Resale Value
If you've taken good care of your roof this will pay you back in dividends when it's time to sell. Your home will hold it's value with a beautiful, well-cared for roof that buyers will appreciate. Conversely, many buyers won't even consider a home with a roof in disrepair, or they will offer less than your house is worth, citing the need to invest time and money to procure a new roof. Better to devote your time, effort and money now and insure a greater return on your investment.

Ken Cialkowski Construction Services, LLC will meticulously inspect your current roof and determine whether repairing, replacing, or re-roofing your roof would be the wisest course of action.